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Our skilled team of HR consultants specializes in leading digital transformation within HR management processes. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices, we thoroughly analyze your current HR processes, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate how to harness this potential through digital solutions.


We are HR experts who also excel in IT. With our expertise, we empower managers and employees to understand and leverage people data and digital technologies to drive their company’s success. Nurgül Azlan, the founder and managing director of predictive HR Solutions, is a seasoned expert in people analytics. With over 11 years of experience in various specialist and management roles within Deutsche Telekom Group, as well as in management consulting, she brings practical insights into HR challenges. Her analytical thinking, creative solution approaches, and implementation-oriented mindset make her the driving force behind HR Tech Consulting.

Predictive HR Solutions


At PHR, Our vision is to lead the HR analytics industry by pioneering cutting-edge solutions, anticipating HR trends, and revolutionizing workforce management through data-driven insights. Our Vision is to empower organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to optimize their human capital and drive sustainable success.

Predictive HR Solutions


At PHR, Our mission is to transform HR management through predictive analytics. We am committed to provide forward-thinking HR excellence that is executed with precision and vision. We strive to partner with organizations to optimize their HR strategies, enhance workforce productivity, and foster a culture of innovation. Through our dedication to excellence, innovation, and strategic collaboration, we aim to help our clients navigate the dynamic landscape of HR with confidence and achieve long-term success.

At PHR we specialize in HR analytics, leveraging predictive insights to transform HR management and people management. Our consultancy is structured around two core areas— PHR offers a comprehensive spectrum of HR consulting services, ranging from predictive workforce planning to implementation, supporting Neurodiverse Employees across various industries, HR departments, and functions.

Predictive HR Solutions

The PHR Advantage

Irrespective of the project’s scale, our commitment remains unwavering: to consistently provide an exceptional consulting experience that addresses the unique HR challenges faced by each client. We achieve this by collaborating closely with our clients and partners, working in small, dedicated teams that encourage active idea exchange.

Partner with PHR, and step confidently into the future of HR analytics.

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